A New Year – A New Agenda?

FashionFriend hasn’t been updated for a long time, and it really feels like I let down the people following the publication. I simply got overwhelmed! May 30th I got married and the planning for that and the “aftermath” left me with no energy left for keeping up with this project.

So now I have decided to change the direction of FashionFriend; it will simply be dedicated to fashion-photography! What I will do is to publish photography that is exciting, new, worth looking at! I will also take in YOUR stuff; For review by the followers of FashionFriend and comments from me and others! Also tell me about photographers you know or know about, and maybe I can do something on it!

So you up and coming fashion.photographers out there: BRING IT ON!

I’m looking forward to showing your photographs!

Best// Peter Lindberg – Editor & Photographer

We Want YOU!

Yes! You there, behind the keyboard! We want YOU to contribute to FashionFriend.se! Are you designing clothes or shoes or hats or… doing fashion photography or writing about fashion, maybe you are a stylist and want to your styling to be seen; make contact or send in stuff you already have. Also; take a look at the stuff already on the site to see what kind of level we want and what questions we want to answerred. The rules are simple; you and the people you work with are newcomers or small players in the industry. We don’t care about those who already made a name for themselves! They can afford to hire PR-people or an ad-agency. We are in for the underdogs! You reach us by e-mail: info[a]fashionfriend.se

See ya!

Peter Lindberg – Editor… and more.

FashionFriend.se – Your Friend in fashion!

As today FashionFriend.se is in fact; a fact! Made by fashion-heads for other with same interst. With a focus on independant designers and the underworld of fashion we want to devliver less talk and more images. We start off with some shots from the first day of Fresh Fish ’09 that started today! (See next post)

Since we are just starting up we want designers for our upcoming shoots and interviews for the site. Also; photographers, writers and mua:s please contact us for collaboration and submissions! Contact us at info[a]fashionfriend.se

//Peter Lindberg – Editor and Publisher