A New Year – A New Agenda?

FashionFriend hasn’t been updated for a long time, and it really feels like I let down the people following the publication. I simply got overwhelmed! May 30th I got married and the planning for that and the “aftermath” left me with no energy left for keeping up with this project.

So now I have decided to change the direction of FashionFriend; it will simply be dedicated to fashion-photography! What I will do is to publish photography that is exciting, new, worth looking at! I will also take in YOUR stuff; For review by the followers of FashionFriend and comments from me and others! Also tell me about photographers you know or know about, and maybe I can do something on it!

So you up and coming fashion.photographers out there: BRING IT ON!

I’m looking forward to showing your photographs!

Best// Peter Lindberg – Editor & Photographer