Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m a designer and want to be seen on FashionFriend.se, do I have to pay?
A: No, you don’t pay to be featured here.

Q: What criteria dictates if I’m accepted as a designer and get published on FF?
A: We simply decide if your material seems ambitious enough from your images, or by seeing your stuff in person.

Q: Can I submit my own material such as photos and have them published?
A: Yes. If you are a designer and have professionally taken photos of your work we can publish them. But you need a written permission from  the photographer and a model-release from each model.

Q: Can I link directly to images on this site?
A: NO! No linking to images allowed.

Q: Can I put images from FF on my site/blog etc?
A: Without a written permission from us that is not allowed and you will be hearing from our legal representatives. All material on the site is copyright protected. But if you ask nicely we usually grant permission for you to use our stuff (that FF has produced ourselves) on your own site as long as you give credits and post a link to us. For material submitted by others copyright is owned by someone else and you will need to go directly to the source and ask them.

Q: I want my designs photographed by FF. What to do?
A: Send us a e-mail. And then we go from there. 🙂

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