Fashion-inspired art by OrinInk

Fashion vs Pencil & Paper: Orin “OrinInk” Roderick Perry

I met Orin while I was in photography-school (ICP) in New York City. We had some friend in common and started talking at some art-show opening. At the time Orin was mostly working as a stylist apart from some showroom jobs. We did a bunch of shoots together and he showed to have an extensive network already back then. And is all about sharing. Did I say friendly?

Orin has a special ability to connect to people and certainly has an eye for fashion. He is also an amazing artist and a very good person and a modern vagabond/nomad. Nowadays he blogs, still draws and is currently involved in a still secret project. I hope to write more about Orin in the future. His stuff truly deserve it! Make sure to follow his blogs too!

How he describes himself: “Orin is a human being ..perfectly imperfect who loves and lives to draw, eat ,sing, dance waste time ,dream big and relax.


Orin’s Fashion-blog

Orin’s Artwork


sobe - by OrinInk

sobe – by OrinInk


© OrinInk aka Orin Roderick Perry

Written by Peter Lindberg