FashionFriend reports from Fresh Fish 2009

As today, Friday February 27th, the 3rd version of Fresh Fish opened its doors. Take a look at the list of designers participating.
I’m right now about to leave for FF09.

Fresh Fish this year has more exhibitors, the participating exhibitors work are of higher quality designwise and the whole arrangement feels more professional this year the the previous years. Unfortunatley I have managed to miss both fridays and saturdays (saw the later half of saturdays show) shows featuring the visiting designers from Belarus. The little I saw of them seems to be of hight standard and the designers (students actually) feels very ambitious, showing full collections of up to 20 pieces each.

The exhibiting designers vary a lot in style but something that is coming back in many collections is influences from the 50’s. There isd also a visible eco-trend.

Sunday I will report from the revealing of this years winner; the Fresh Fish of 2009

See ya!